SoundWise AV & Automation


We will make your dream Theater, Automation a reality

What We Do:

- Commercial Pre-wiring

- Residential Pre-wiring

- Retrofit Work

- TV Wall Mounting

- Custom Home Theater

- Acoustic Room Treatment

- Custom Acoustic Skylights

- Home Automation

- Lighting Control

- Remote Programming

- Sports Bar/Restaurant Audio/Video

- Restaurant Menu Display

- Waiting Room Display

- Conference Room

- Whole House Audio

- Networking/ Wifi Coverage

- Security/ Surveillance Camera

- Video Doorbell

- Outdoor Audio & Video 

Our Partners

Sony TV and Projectors, LG, Epson, JVC, Yamaha, Marantz, Revel, Parasound, Definitive Technolgy, Elac, Earthquakesound, Klipsch, Doorbird, IC Realtime, Visualint Systems, Snap AV, AC Infinifty, Draper, Metra Home Theater, Savvy Tech Security, Rti Remote, Pro Control Remote, Sanus Racks, Salamander Designs, Bdi Furniture, Dynamat, Dynabox, Key Digital, Ring doorbell, Nest Products, Oppo, Lutron, Helios Cables and Mounts, Martin Logan, Vivint Security